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What a Sermon Isn't and What it Is

Let's talk some more about what a sermon isn't as well as what a sermon is.

After the Interview with Brian Sauvé

Every pastor has preached a bad sermon. Listen in as we talk about what it's like to leave the pulpit discouraged.

Fight for Christian Children

Why raising godly children matters in our fight for the future.

Sermons Aren't Preaching

A shocking as this is going to sound, you need to hear it. Sermons aren't the same thing as preaching. Let me explain why.

After the Interview with Kevin Swanson

Kevin tells us about running for office in Colorado.

Fight for Christian Marriage

We have to fight for Christian marriages in our fight for the future. Listen in to find out why.

The Seven Cardinal Requisites of the Sermon

What are the seven things a sermon must have? Listen to today's episode to find out.

After the Interview with C. R. Wiley

C. R. Wiley and I talk about great classical literature for men.

Fight for a Christian Household

Today we talk to Rev. Chris Wiley about the role of the family in the fight for the future.

How Sermons Work: Introduction

Talking about our upcoming miniseries on how sermons work.

After the Interview with Phil Kayser

Chatting with Phil Kayser about preterism and historicism after the interview.

Why We Fight for the Future

A conversation with Dr. Phil Kaser on postmillennialism and the future hope of the church


A quick update on the schedule for season three.

Coming Soon!

Looking forward to season three.

God Is: Faithful (Part Two)

When we say that God is faithful, it isn't just academic. Come hear why.

Kelli Palfy (After the Interview)

Behind the scenes of my interview with Kelli Palfy

Men Too

A conversation with Dr. Kelli Palfy.

After the Interview (Dr. John Haney)

My reaction to this week's interview with Dr. John Haney.

Betrayed Men, Unfaithful Wives

A difficult conversation with Dr. Haney about how being cheated on affects men.

Big Tech and the Future

What ya gonna do when they come for you?

Dispensationalism is Blasphemy

A short look at Daniel 9:24–27

The Genevans are Coming!

My long-awaited conversation with Mr. Shane Anderson and Rev. Michael Spangler.

God Is: Holy

A conversation with Dr. Joseph Pipa about the holiness of God.

Welcome to the Midnight Ramble

A short update on season two and all the happenings around here.

God Is: Triune

A short interview on the Trinity

God Is: Infinite

A conversation with Dr. Cornelis Venema of Mid-America Reformed Seminary.

God Is: Spirit

A conversation with Dr. Guy Richard (of RTS-Atlanta) about God's spirituality.

Now What?

A short solo episode with Hutch (your host) about what happens next.

God Is: Yahweh

In today's interview we talk to Dr. Ligon Duncan of RTS-Jackson about what it means that God has revealed himself to his people as Yahweh.

God Is: Simple

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