Exclusive Psalmody

A conversation with Rev. Craig Scott about the biblical, confessional, and historic case for exclusive psalmody

I sat down this afternoon to talk with Pastor Craig Scott again. You might even go so far as to say that he returned by popular demand. This time we talked about a (somewhat) controversial topic within the Reformed and Presbyterian world—exclusive psalmody. Pastor Scott walks us through the biblical, historical, and confessional case for singing only the 150 psalms found in the Book of Psalms, and ends by giving us some experiential reasons to sing the psalms. 

We had a number of technical difficulties in this episode, but we were, by God's grace, able to push through to the end. There's was a lot more that could have been said, but since we came in at one hour and twenty minutes, I thought it best not to chase every trail I wanted to follow. 

Pastor Scott, I'm grateful that you were willing to come back on the show! Let's do it again next season. 

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