Preacher Boys

A conversation with documentary film maker and pocaster Eric Skwarczynski.

I got to talk with Mr. Eric Skwarczynski today. He's the host of Preacher Boys, a new podcast and forthcoming documentary on abuse in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches, and this episode was difficult to record but it was completely worthwhile. We talked a little bit about the Cameron Giovanelli sexual abuse case, the prevalence of abuse within IFB circles, the pernicious continuing influence of Jack Hyles, and identified some red flags that are signs it's time to leave your IFB church. 

Thank all of you for listening to this. I know it's a tough subject but it's one that needs to be addressed head on. Thank you as well to Eric for sitting down with me for the interview, and to Wayside Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Signal Mountain, Tennessee for supporting the podcast. Y'all are pretty awesome!

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