Regulated Worship

A conversation with Rev. Shawn Anderson (Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church) about the Regulative Principle of Worship.

I got to chat with Rev. Shawn Anderson, a graduate of Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, pastor of Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church (, and co-host of The Jerusalem Chamber ( about regulated worship. If you've ever wondered why a historic, Reformed worship service looks so different from worship in the evangelical tradition, this podcast will help you understand why we Reformed worship the way we do. In this episode, we talk about the biblical basis for the Regulative Principle of Worship, Shawn defines what we mean when we speak of elements, circumstances, and forms of worship, as well as how applying the Regulative Principle could help cool off the worship wars, and much more. 

I particularly enjoyed recording this episode, even with the flaws (sorry, Shawn. I'll do better next time. I promise.). It turns out that, after playing a wicked game of Presbyterian bingo, Shawn and I have quite a few connections in the Reformed world, where there are more like two degrees of separation rather than six! 

Thanks for joining me Shawn! 

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