The Genevans are Coming!

My long-awaited conversation with Mr. Shane Anderson and Rev. Michael Spangler.

When I started this show I wanted to avoid controversy to the extent that I was able. However, given the ongoing controversy surrounding Aimee Byrd and her book Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and that I'm acquainted with several of the parties who are at the center of this dispute, I wanted to invite them to come on the show and let them speak for themselves. I have done what I can to contact the folks on the other side of this controversy to come on the show; one of them declined and I'm still trying to reach the others. I would absolutely welcome them to come on the show as well.

Today's guests were Mr. Shane Anderson (of The Daily Genevan) and the Reverend Michael Spangler. They are two of the men who have been at the center of the controversy surrounding Mrs. Byrd, her book, and feminism in Reformed and Presbyterian churches.

When I record episodes of The True Presbyterian, they get some very light editing, mainly for breath sounds or vocal tics and occasionally to remove any long silences. This audio is much more unrefined than usual; I wanted to ensure that you all got to hear exactly what was said. 

I genuinely hope that this show contributes more light than heat to this continuing controversy. Thanks for listening. 

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