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The Strange Love of Jesus

Keeping a decade old promise

The South African Farm Murders (After the Interview with Adi Schlebusch)

What's really happening on South African farms?

Fight the Revolutionaries

Dr. Jan Adriaan Schlebusch joins me to talk about his book and the need for Christians to fight the revolutionaries.

Fight for Theonomy's Future

Does theonomy have a future?

The State of the PCA

Looking at the state of the PCA in light of Overtures 23 and 37

Year in Review

Looking back at 2021.

The Christian Nationalists Are Coming!

Mulling over the Christian Nationalist kerfuffle on the Tweeter.

After the Interview with Eric Conn

A short conversation after the interview with Mr. Eric Conn.

Fight the Downgrade

A conversation with Mr. Eric Conn about the ongoing downgrade within Christ's churches.

After the Interview with Kevin Clauson

Take a peek behind the curtain and hear what my guest and I talked about after the interview.

Fight for a Christian Legal System

Today's conversation is with Dr. Kevin Clauson about the need for a legal system based in Scripture.

The Church and Cultural Transformation

How does the church transform culture? Listen in and find out!

Fight the National Partnership

The National Partnership has sprung a leak.

Both Sorrow and Anger

A friend has left the faith. Now what?

County Christendom?

Thinking strategically at the county level

After the Interview with Zachary Garris

Chatting with Mr. Zachary Garris after the Interview

Fight for the Patriarchy

The patriarchy isn't all that bad.

Political Heresy and the Utopian Problem

A solo episode today that argues that heresy can turn political.

Of Swords, Trowels, and Fighting Back

Where we are, where we going, and why we fight for the future.

Gimme A Break

The big move is upon us.

Make Your Move

The move from exegesis to homiletics is hard. Listen in and find out how to make it easier.

After the Interview (with Matt Hamilton)

Talking with Matt Hamilton about the beginning of Outdoor, Inc.

Fight for Your Community

Matt Hamilton joins me to talk about how the diaconate plays a role in our fight for the future.

Selecting Your Text and Arriving at the Exegetical Point

Today we look at text selection and the exegetical point

After the Interview with Derrick Brite

Take a peek behind the scenes and listen in on my conversation with Derrick after the interview ended.

Fight for the Purity of the Church

Derrick Brite joins me to talk about the fight for the purity of the church.

After the Interview with Ben Merkle

A glimpse into what happens after the interview, this time with Dr. Benjamin Merkle

Fight for Christian Education

Dr. Benjamin Merkle (D.Phil, Oxford) talks about the place of Christian Education in our fight for the future.

What a Sermon Isn't and What it Is

Let's talk some more about what a sermon isn't as well as what a sermon is.

After the Interview with Brian Sauvé

Every pastor has preached a bad sermon. Listen in as we talk about what it's like to leave the pulpit discouraged.

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